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The start

I have tried a number of ways to start this blog and to be honest all of them just felt wrong. In one instance i have portrayed myself as all knowing wonder young engineer. In another I tried to be too funny and interesting. I have scraped all of those writings because that was just me trying to impress you. Not even knowing who YOU actually are. After thinking for a while I have come to realization that, that is not a point. The point is to be honest and to paint you a picture of me starting at what I think is a challenging career. Doing that by that providing you with some interesting insights. So yes, I have just started a machine design blog.

So this is going to be just that, a blog that does not yet have a clear format or frequency. It has a topic that I have not, so far, found on the internet. A window into a career beginnings of a  young mechanical engineer that wants to become a great machine designer.

About me

My name is Aron and I have a Masters degree in Mechanical engineering specifically Production engineering. I have a job as a machine design engineer. I work at a company that manufactures machines related to the food industry. As of writing this post I am at this position for a year and four months. Here I have worked my way through the company to have my own projects and be a project leader.

Za prvi blog


With this blog I have an idea to share my story, my tricks and tips regarding engineering, software, time management and everything else that comes to my mind. Like dealing with workers and colleagues. I will share my problems and thoughts, struggles and successes. I will try to  be straight and tell you how I do stuff and what I think and hopefully you will share your opinions.

Why start a blog?

Starting this machine design blog I have in mind my colleagues who do not see how their peers operate in other companies. Starting engineers who are daunted by more experienced colleagues. Students who are thinking of pursuing this career and anyone else who is willing to come along for the ride.

Until my next post.



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