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Best of YouTube vol. 3

To continue the of machine design YouTube Videos series that started with two posts about Dan Gelbart’s video series that you can check out here vol.1 and vol.2. For this time one of my newly discovered you tubers, This Old Tony.

He has a very interesting channel full of interesting and insightful videos and he is definitely fun to watch. Out of all of his videos in this post I am presenting a video series about making a DIY CNC router. In the future posts I will be sure to share some of his videos about understanding machining better since they can be really helpful in understanding how to better design parts for manufacturing.

This 4 part video series about a home made CNC router shows some interesting design solutions and challenge in making this router. Mind you, this is not a table top plastic and brass milling CNC router. This one has a welded metal construction that provides enough rigidity to machine harder metals such as steel!

Enjoy 🙂

Video 1/4

Video 2/4

Video 3/4

Video 4/4



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