Elastic coupling

Best of YouTube vol.2

We are continuing this series right where we left of. If you missed the first part of this series you can check it out here.

Dan Gelbarts how to make prototypes series is really a great resource. Just today I have used one of the tips on making enclosures at work. I am referring to making slots for the screws on the cover plate. I used it in a similar way. On the side of the machine that I am currently working on there needed to a be access on the frame of the machine for adjusting the leveling feet. As this access is not needed on the regular basis I decided to put a cover plate over it. Here I remembered the slots for screws tip and I designed a cover plate in the same fashion. Little touches can make a huge difference. if you have not seen it you can watch Video 8. Enclosures here.

So to get to the point, here is the rest of the series. Enjoy.

Video 10. Flexures- something that I was not aware of in this contest but can be really usefull.

One of the flexures that you maybe more aware off are couplings like these:


Video 11. Non-Metals- continuing with materials, here non-metal materials are briefly covered.


Video 12. Plastics Forming and Casting- before 3D printing the easiest way to make plastic prototypes. These methods still have the upper hand over 3D printing in a lot of cases.


Video 13. Large Structures- Great tips on how to prototype a big structure fast and easy.


Video 14. Brazing- another way to mate two parts together.


Video 15. Mill and Lathe- the basics on the mill and the lathe machines.


Video 16. Machining- the basics on machining and marking parts.


Video 17.  High Accuracy- different methods how to relatively cheaply make high accuracy parts for prototyping.


Video 18. Design- what to consider when designing prototypes, some often overlooked principals and tips.


Hope that you learned a lot as I have surely did when watching these videos. The interesting thing is that every time that I watch these videos I learn something new. If you think someone will be interested in these resources click the links on the left to share this post!



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