Best of YouTube vol.1

Books are not the only resource for knowledge for some time now. The same holds true for the field of mechanical engineering. The physical nature of mechanical engineering is superbly presented with video and there is no better free video repository then YouTube. I will like to make a series with most useful YouTube videos that are also my favorite. So here are best YouTube videos to learn machine desing.

To kick of the series, one of the best playlist for prototype design and manufacturing. It is presented by very interesting Dan Gelbart. Each video provides a great insight and knowledge about a different subject.

Pssst! A quick tip. There are 18 videos in this series, bookmark or share this page to remember it will save you time.

Video 1. Introduction- the one that gets you hooked!


Video 2. Safety- what not to do in a machine shop


Video 3. Waterjet- how to design parts to be made on waterjet machine


Video 4. Bending- how to design parts for bending and using a press brake.


Video 5. Spot Welding- using a spot welder to quickly mate parts for prototyping


Video 6. Coatings- surface protection and aesthetics, how to prepare and coat your part


Video 7. Presswork- using a press in a shop. Principals and safety points.


Video 8. Enclosures- every project needs an enclosure. In the video you will learn how to make good and simple ones.


Video 9. Materials- usually not so interesting topic… until you don’t know what material to use for your part.


I don’t want to post a mile long post. So I divided this series into two posts. You can check the rest of the best YouTube videos to learn machine desing here.



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